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Grass Fed Beef Guide

Grass Fed Beef GuideConfused by all the different cuts of beef? Growing up, we had no idea what the difference between a Rump Roast and a Chuck Roast was (turns out there’s a big difference!). Our parents didn’t know the difference between a Skirt steak and a Round steak, or how to cook them. That’s why we created our Beef Guide.

We asked our friendly butcher to put together this simple Grass fed Beef Guide, with photos and descriptions, to help folks understand the different cuts of beef.  Our beef guide has over 20 cuts of grass-fed beef, including: steaksroasts and other assorted cuts. If you have additional questions, please reach out to our butcher.

You may have heard of ‘primal beef cuts’ on a food show or read about them online. There are 8 primal cuts of beef: Chuck, Brisket, Shank, Rib, Loin, Short Plate, Round and Flank. Out of these primal cuts come the individual cuts you see at the grocery store.

Some of the most popular cuts of steak come the the Loin area of the animal. These cuts include the Porterhouse/T-Bone, Filet Mignon, Strip Steak and Tenderloin.

Each cut has its own unique characteristics and flavor profile. You can also check out the official USDA beef cut sheet here.

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