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Grass-fed Beef Recipes

New to cooking grass-fed beef? Looking for new recipes for family dinner? Scroll down to see a number of popular recipes and preparation tips, specifically for grass-fed beef meals. If you would like to share your favorite recipe, let us know, and we’ll be happy to add your link below.

Grass-fed beef cooks a bit differently vs. store bought beef. We recommend using lower heat and about 30% less cooking time for most dishes. Food thermometers are a great way to ensure you do not overcook your beef.

Preparation & Cooking Tips

  • Grass-fed beef cooks quicker; use medium heat.
  • On the grill, use 30% less cooking time vs. grocery store beef.
  • Keep temperature to medium (or under) – we recommend using a food thermometer.
  • Check back soon – we’re adding own our recipes and videos with grass-fed cooking and preparation tips.
  • See popular grass-fed beef recipes below.

Some of our favorite grass fed beef recipes:

Easy Slow Cooker Chuck Roast Recipe

Grass-fed beef chuck roasts are easy to prepare and make a delicious meal for the whole family (unless they are vegetarian). Slow and low is the key to a great pot roast!

How to Cook the Perfect, Tender Grass Fed Steak: Cooked more gently, grass-fed meat is wonderfully tender. The healthy muscle texture does, however, mean that grass-fed steaks will be more variable than grain-fed meats. (via

The Best Grass-Fed Beef Roast…Ever: Grass-fed beef is not at all like conventional beef in its properties, as you may know. If you’re new to grass-fed beef, you can read about its many benefits here. (via

American Grass-fed Association: Your guide to getting the most flavor and tenderness from grass-fed beef. (via

Huffington Post – Cooking with Grass-fed Beef: Grass-fed beef is far tastier due to its natural source of feed and the general conditions the animal has lived under, making cooking with it well worth a little extra effort. (via Huffington Post) A Variety of Grass Fed Beef Recipes. (via

5-Star Savory Grass Fed Pot Roast (audience favorite): Savory Grass Fed Pot Roast – Easy, Flavorful Recipe for Grass Fed Pot Roast with Turmeric, Onions, Mustard, Garlic & Spices. (via

Chicago Tribune – How to Cook Grass-Fed Meat: If you don’t cook grass-fed beef properly, you may be disappointed. We would never want that, so we’re here to offer some tips to make your experience with these meats the best it can be. (via

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