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Assorted Grass Fed Beef Cuts

Our Assorted Cuts guide includes a photo, description and suggested preparation for 5 popular beef cuts, including short rib, ground hamburger, soup bones and more. Each cut of grass-fed beef has a different flavor profile and varied marbling.

Need help with cooking/preparation? Check out our Recipes page — there are recipes for family dinners and other delicious grass-fed beef dishes. If you have additional questions, please reach out to us.

River Watch Beef – Premium Grass-Fed Short Ribs

Short Ribs

Short Ribs are a moist, flavorful and tender cut – it’s popular around the word because it works well with different ethnic flavors and ingredients. Short Ribs (aka Short Plate) come from the Chuck part of the animal and require a slow-cooking process to maximize the tenderness and flavor of the beef.

Preparation/Cooking: Braise, BBQ/Smoked, Slow Cook

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River Watch Beef – Premium Grass-Fed Steak Meat

Stew Meat

Stew Meat is a lean and flavorful cut that is diced into 1-2” cubes. Stew Meat comes from the Chuck and Round parts of the animal and is typically slow-cooked in stew, chili and soups. Stew meat can also be used for kabobs and stir fry.

Preparation/Cooking: Stew, Stir-Fry, Kabob, Braising

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River Watch Beef – Premium Grass-Fed Soup Bones with Meat

Soup Bones (w/meat)

Soup Bones (with meat) are well-marbled, flavorful and are bone-in. Soup Bones (w/ meat) comes from the Shank and Neck Area of the animal; it’s primarily used for making soup, as well as beef stock. The beef shank can also be used in Osso Buco dishes.

Preparation/Cooking: Soup, Slow Cook, Stock

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River Watch Beef – Premium Aged Grass Fed Beef Hamburger


Hamburger is ground beef that comes from the Chuck and Round parts of the animal. Our Grass Fed Hamburger is ground at an 90/10 ratio and can be used in a variety of dishes.

Preparation/Cooking: Grill, Pan Fry, Chili, Pasta

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Stock Bones

Stock bones are bones that have no meat, but are still useful for making beef stock and bone marrow dishes.

Preparation/Cooking: Stock, Roasted (bone marrow)

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