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River Watch Beef delivers premium grass fed beef, direct from the producer (that’s us!). Our family has been producing premium Angus beef for over 10 years — our beef is now available for delivery direct to you door!

We take great pride and care with our animals. We raise our certified Angus beef from calves in the pastures of Colorado and Kansas and manage the entire process, from farm-to-fork. Our USDA-certified beef is 100% all natural (no additives, no GMOs, no BS.) and dry-aged 21 days for a full beefy flavor and tender texture.

Grass fed beef is different than typical store-bought beef.  Grass fed beef is leaner, has about 30-40% less fat and more antioxidant and Omega vitamins compared to corn-fed, store-bought meat. Animals digest more vitamins on a grass diet versus eating corn. You can definitely taste a difference.

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Deliver premium, responsibly-raised grass-fed beef direct to your door.

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