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Grass Fed Quarter Beef (Approx. 92 lb)

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Quarter Beef Package (Approx. 92 lb)
Free Kansas City Area Delivery
Limited Customization Available

Our Grass Fed Quarter Beef Package includes a mix of premium grass fed beef cuts, including: juicy steaks, delicious roasts, yummy brisket, mouth-watering ground beef, stew meat, short ribs and more. Limited customization is available. If there is a cut that you don’t want, we can substitute for a similar priced cut. Approx. 92+ lb. of meat. *Free Delivery within 40 miles of Kansas City area*

We Dry Age our beef 17-21 days to perfection. Order top quality beef, delivered direct from our Kansas farm. Our minimally processed beef is 100% natural, grass-fed and grass finished. No GMOs, unnecessary antibiotics or hormones. Free range and pasture fed.

Grass Fed Quarter Beef Includes (Approx. 92+ lb total):

  • Steaks (Approx. 16 lb): KC Strip (3 lb), Bone-in Ribeye (6 lb), Filet Mignon (1 lb), Sirloin (4 lb), Flank (8 oz), Flat Iron (1 lb) and Skirt Steak (8 oz)
  • Brisket & Roasts (Approx. 21 lb+): Arm (3 lb), Brisket (3 lb), Chuck (6 lb), Rump (6 lb) and Sirloin Tip (3 lb) Roasts
    • All roasts are boneless
  • Ground Beef (Approx. 38 lb): Choose 85% or 90% Lean (mix or match)
  • Assorted Cuts (Approx. 15 lb+): Short Ribs (4 lb), Stew Meat (5 lb), Cubed/Minute Steak (4 lb), Soup Bones w/ Meat (2 lb)
    • Each cut packaged in 1 pound increments
    • Optional Choices: Liver, Oxtail, Whole Heart, Marrow Bones, Ground Beef or Assorted Cuts

How It Works: We offer limited customization with your Grass Fed Quarter Beef Package. After we receive your order, we’ll follow up via email to confirm your cut preferences. We then hand select each cut, just for you, and deliver directly to your door.

Family Beef Producer: Our family raises premium Angus and Hereford beef animals in central Kansas (Flint Hills region). 100% Natural Grass Fed & Grass Finished Beef. No Bull. Learn more about Our Story or you can check out our Blog. From our pasture to your dinner table.

Free Delivery in Kansas City area (within 50 miles of Kansas City)

Out of stock

Out of stock

Grass Fed Quarter Beef Package (Approx. 92+ lb)

  • Quarter Beef Direct from Kansas Family Producer – Our family has been sustainably raising premium grass-fed beef for over a decade in Colorado and Kansas.
  • Grass Finished Beef – Our beef is 100% grass-fed and grass-finished. Minimally Processed in small batches.
  • 100% Natural – NO Added Hormones, Additives, Antibiotics or GMOs. NO Bull.
  • Healthier Option – Less fat, more Omega-3s and more antioxidant vitamins (A, B, D and E) vs traditional store-bought beef. See NPR Article.
  • Pasture Raised Cattle – Our beef herd is pasture-raised and free range.
  • Aged 14-21 Days – Dry-aged 14-21 days for a big ‘beefy’ flavor and tender texture.
  • USDA Certified – Each cut is individually labeled with the cut name, weight and USDA inspection approval.
  • Premium Quality – Restaurant quality (fine dining) beef delivered to your doorstep — for about the same price (or less) as your local butcher.
  • Conveniently Delivered – Save time, gas and the avoid checkout lines at the store. We conveniently deliver hand-selected grass fed beef direct to your door.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – We 100% guarantee our grass fed beef steaks. If you are not happy, we’ll make it right.

Grass Fed Beef Preparation & Cooking Tips

  • Sear steaks and hamburger on med-high heat. Then, use lower heat (low-medium to medium) to finish cooking.
  • Use less cooking time when grilling or frying grass fed steaks (about 20-30% less).
  • We recommend using a food thermometer to monitor temperature.
  • Keep temperature to medium (or under) – do not overcook! 
  • See our Recipes Page for more info on preparation and cooking techniques.
  • Visit our Beef Guide for photos and descriptions of specific grass-fed beef cuts (steaks, roasts, etc.).
  • Have a question about grass-fed beef? Check out our FAQ (frequently asked questions).

Shipping Details

  • You will receive email confirmation and follow up to schedule your delivery date (weather can effect shipping).
  • Local Delivery Only (Kansas City area): Free Delivery in KC metro (Kansas/Missouri)
  • Free Delivery in Kansas City area (within 50 miles)
  • Local delivery available Tuesday-Saturday.
  • Questions? Call us at (800) 373-5210 — we’re available Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm (central time).
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