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All Beef Is Not The Same

All Beef is NOT the Same!

River Watch Beef

All Beef Is Not The Same

All beef is not the same. Unfortunately, most store-bought beef is inherently unhealthy. Why? The problem lies with what the cows eat (their diet). The large beef producers ‘finish’ their beef animals corn, typically in a large, dirty feed yard. This is problematic as it artificially adds fat – a cow’s natural diet is native grasses, not corn. In fact, their digestive system is not adapted to eat corn. The result is a rapid accumulation of fat, while also losing vitamins and other essential nutrients.

Of course, the large beef producers want to add more fat, because it makes them more money. This is not the way Mother Nature intended! Unhealthy Cows = Unhealthy People. You should demand better!

What is Grass Fed Beef?

Wait, don’t cows eat grass? The answer is, it’s complicated. Most beef that is available for sale (retail & restaurant) has a mixed diet, including a combination of grass, corn, other grains and even food waste (like Skittles – see news article). When beef producers are ‘finishing’ (or fattening) the cattle before slaughter, their diet is primarily corn-based. There may also be hormones or other additives added during the process.

What is the definition of Grass Fed Beef? The beef industry is still relatively vague on the definition of ‘Grass Fed Beef.’ Ask 5 people, and you will probably get 5 different answers. Our beef is free range and pasture fed on native grasses in Colorado and Kansas. To balance our cattle’s diet, we supplement with non-GMO grains and grasses (oats, alfalfa, etc. ). We finish on grass, in the pasture, not corn. We also dry-age our grass-fed beef 21 days for a tender texture and delicious flavor profile.

Know Where Your Food Comes From

For most folks, it’s hard to know precisely what is in your food, or where it comes from. At River Watch Beef, we proudly raise our own Angus and Hereford beef animals and work with a family-owned USDA processor to dry-age and butcher our beef. Each cut is individually sealed and labeled with the cut name, weight and USDA certification. We manage the entire process, from the cow’s pregnancy to processing to delivering premium beef direct to your door.

Our grass-fed beef is 100% All-Natural: NO Hormones, NO GMOs, NO antibiotic-laced feed, NO BS. Gluten Free. Learn more about buying your beef direct from the producer at Still, have questions about grass-fed beef? Visit our FAQ (frequently asked questions) page for more information.

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