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Important Update: We’re on a production hiatus in 2024 and will return in 2025.

Small Batch Grass Fed Beef Jerky Now Available

Small Batch Grass Fed Beef Jerky is Now Available

Over the last year, we have been secretly working on new cowboy-inspired jerky recipes. We’re happy to share that River Watch Beef now offers delicious small-batch beef jerky for sale. Our artisan beef jerky is made by hand in small batches. Grass fed beef jerky is a good source of protein, is low fat and makes a great snack to take on a camping trip, long car ride or at school/work. We currently have 3 flavors of premium All Natural Grass Fed Beef Jerky: Mild, Teriyaki and Sweet Peppered — we’re also working to add new flavors, so stay tuned.

Minimally Processed. Small Batch Jerky. Handmade.

Our Grass Fed Beef Jerky is minimally processed and USDA inspected and approved. We use only the finest cuts of aged grass-fed beef and simple, all-natural ingredients. Our beef jerky is 100% natural and contains: No preservatives. No GMOs. Nothing artificial.

Our artisan beef jerky is made by hand in small batches, using only the freshest ingredients and Angus beef that has been dry-aged 21 days. We make our jerky in small batches to ensure the best quality possible for you and your family. So far, we’ve had amazing feedback from our early testers, as well as professional athletes, chefs, foodies and families alike. Our jerky is available at Colonial Gardens (Blue Springs, MO) and through our website at:

Cowboy-inspired Beef Jerky Recipes

After working cattle, cowboys always get together for a meal and regale each other with stories of their dads and granddads out on the range.  Raising cattle is hard, dirty work. It’s hard to pack a decent lunch and many cowboys rely on jerky for energy and strength. In fact, a 4 oz bag of beef jerky contains as much nutrients and protein as a 8oz steak!

We were inspired by the old-time cowboy stories and developed jerky recipes, based on old family recipes. We currently have 3 flavors, each with a different flavor profile. The Mild Beef Jerky (4 oz) has a mild flavor that is well-balanced. Our Sweet Peppered Beef Jerky (4 oz) is a customer favorite and has a sweet and smoky flavor with a pepper kick. The Teriyaki Beef Jerky (4 0z) is Asian-inspired teriyaki jerky with a savory flavor.


Better Beef = Better Jerky

River Watch Beef produces free range, grass-fed beef. Most store-bought beef (and beef jerky) is raised in large commercial feed yards, with thousands of animals crammed into a dirty feed yard. Animals raised in the free pasture are less stressed than feed yard beef. Happy animals = better food. Most folks don’t know that grass fed beef is also healthier option versus store-bought beef. Grass fed beef has about 30-40% less total fat, more antioxidant vitamins (vitamins A, D, E and K), less cholesterol and is rich in Omega-3s.

Our our Small Batch Grass Fed Beef Jerky today at:

Watch a short video about our beef jerky announcement at:

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