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Important Update: We’re on a production hiatus in 2024 and will return in 2025.

Benefits of Buying Grass-Fed Beef From a Family Farm (Producer)

Looking for the highest quality grass-fed beef? Consider buying directly from a family farmer or rancher (aka producer). Not only will you get the best tasting and most nutritious beef available, but you will also be supporting local agriculture and the US economy.
Grass Fed Beef in Pasture

Top 10 Benefits of Buying Beef Direct from a Family Producer:

1. Nutrition – When you buy 100% natural beef from a family farmer, you can be confident that it is 100% grass fed and free from hormones or antibiotics. This means the beef has higher levels of nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A and E, as well as CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). Check our Top 10 Grass Fed Beef Nutrition Facts.

2. Ask Questions  – You can ask any reputable beef producer how they raise their animals, and they are usually happy to tell you every detail. Know exactly what you are buying!

3. Support Family Beef Producers – By supporting Kansas farmers, you are helping to keep small business alive and vibrant in rural communities across Kansas and America. This helps to stimulate economic growth and keeps jobs in our communities.

River Watch Grass Fed Beef

4. Dry-Aged Beef – Unlike most store-bought beef, River Watch Beef is dry-aged 14-21 days to perfection. Dry-aging gives beef richer flavor profile – something that is not achieved with factory farming methods.

5. Local Flavor – Buying directly from River Watch Beef allows you to experience unique flavors that might not be found anywhere else! The flavor of our beef comes from the native and natural grasses that the cows eat, not unhealthy grains and other additives.

6. Quality Control – Our grass-fed beef is produced in small batches, so we can maintain the highest quality possible. Each steak is hand cut, by artisan butchers, and selected just for you! Plus, if there’s ever an issue with your order, we will make it right.

7. Animal Welfare – Buying directly from family beef producers ensures that animals are treated humanely throughout their lives which means ZERO antibiotics (unless to save an animal’s life). Check out How We Raise Our Grass Fed Beef.

8. Traceability – Knowing where your food comes from is important when trying to make healthy decisions about what goes on your plate each day. By buying direct from River Watch Beef, you can easily trace where your meat came from, giving you peace of mind about its origin!   

9. Convenience – River Watch Beef is one of the few family beef producers that deliver premium grass-fed beef direct to your door! Check out our online store and order delicious grass-fed beef today.

10 Taste! – Whether you’re looking for leaner cuts or rich marbled steaks, look no further than buying direct from River Watch Beef. Your taste buds will thank you!
River Watch Beef Insulated Delivery Bag

About River Watch Beef

We’re River Watch Beef, a Kansas family beef producer. Our high-quality beef is 100% natural, grass-fed & grass finished in the pasture. No GMOs, added hormones, antibiotics or additives.

Each cut is dry-aged 14-21 days for a tender texture and big ‘beefy’ flavor. We offer local delivery (Kansas City area) and nationwide shipping is also available. 

We have a variety of premium steaks, delicious roasts, mouth-watering brisket, amazing ground beef and more.

Check out our Grass Fed Beef Packages, or you can shop by Individual Beef Cuts. Join Our Grass Fed Beef Club and customize your order each month.

Questions? Contact Us via our website. See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

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