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Why Should You Cut Beef Against The Grain?

When it comes to preparing the perfect grass-fed steak or roast, there’s one simple trick that top chefs can’t do without: cutting against the grain. Not only does cutting against the grain create more tender and flavorful meals, it also helps you break down meat muscle fibers quickly and easily. Read more to learn why top chefs recommend this easy to learn technique.

What Does Cutting Against the Grain Mean?

Grass Fed Beef Butcher Steak

Cutting against the grain simply means slicing perpendicularly to the lines of muscle fibers in meat. This means that, instead of slicing along their length, you should be slicing across them. For example, when cooking a grass fed filet mignon steak, you’ll want to make sure your knife is at a 90-degree angle from the muscle fibers…doing this will ensure that your steak maintains its texture and flavor while also making it easier to chew.

Which Cuts Of Beef Should Be Cut Against The Grain?

All cuts of grass-fed beef can benefit from being cut across the grain. This includes steaks such as filet mignon, ribeye, sirloin, KC strip and flat iron steaks as well as roasts like arm roast, chuck roast, rump roast and brisket. For cuts of grass-fed beef, cutting against the grain is essential for achieving maximum tenderness and flavor.

Chef’s Tips for Cutting Beef and Other Meats

Grass Fed Beef Steak Cut Against the Grain
The best way to master cutting against the grain is to practice on different types of steak and/or roast until you become comfortable with it. Take a look at each piece before cooking, and identify those long parallel lines running across your cut of beef. Top chefs also recommend using a very sharp knife for cutting against the grain—it makes all the difference.

Cutting against the grain is an easy technique to learn, and yields big results in terms of taste and texture. Not only does it make your steak or roast more enjoyable, but it also helps bring out every bit of flavor from your cut of beef —which is great news for all beef connoisseurs. So next time you’re prepping a special dinner for yourself or your family, remember—cut against the grain!

About River Watch Beef

River Watch Beef Insulated Delivery Bag
We’re River Watch Beef, a Kansas family beef producer. Our high-quality beef is 100% grass-fed & grass finished in the pasture. No GMOs, added hormones, antibiotics, vaccinations or additives.

Each cut is dry-aged approximately 14-21 days for a tender texture and big ‘beefy’ flavor. We offer local delivery (Kansas City area) and shipping is also available. Order affordable and delicious grass fed beef direct from a Kansas family producer.

We have a variety of premium steaks, delicious roasts, mouth-watering brisket, amazing ground beef and more. Check out our Grass Fed Beef Packages, or you can shop by Individual Beef Cuts. Join Our Grass Fed Beef Club and customize your order each month.

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